Sky Ranch aerial view before restoration

The campaign to purchase and to restore Sky Ranch in Marin California to its natural state is a success. Following a broadly supported and successful $1.2 million fundraising effort, MOST has purchased the 16-acre Sky Ranch next to Bald Hill Open Space Preserve in Fairfax and San Anselmo. We are making good progress with a campaign to raise an additional $120,000 to help restore the property – but we are not finished yet! We have $5000.00 left to in order to meet our commitment. We have transferred the property to Marin County Open Space and it can now be permanently protected from development. The funds will assist in returning it to its natural beauty.

The Ranch had many deteriorating and collapsing old buildings and still has significant erosion in the area of the former stables. Dust in summer and sediment runoff in winter into Corte Madera Creek watershed are resulting impacts.

Due to the campaign to restore Sky Ranch, dangerous structures have been removed but extensive restoration is still needed to stabilize the soil, remove invasive species and re-vegetate barren areas. Not only will the work return the land to its natural beauty but it will also make it safe and attractive for recreational day use by everyone in Marin, including equestrians.

We still need to raise $5,000 to completely fund the restoration. Please show your support with a donation now so this work can be finished.

Make a tax deductible donation to Marin Open Space. Together we will continue to preserve Marin’s beauty and open spaces. You can do it online, or you can also donate by sending a check to MOST, P.O. Box 4133, San Rafael, CA 94913.

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Sky Ranch Purchase
Save Sky Ranch

Visualizations after restoration thanks to Marin County Parks.