Marin Open Space Trust: Our Commitment to Marin

Our greenbelt is the pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow

Marin Open Space Trust: Our Commitment to Marin – Our greenbelt is the pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow
Marin Open Space Trust: Our Commitment to Marin is to help save more than 15,000 acres of critical open space area in Marin. Many parts of Marin are protected only by regulatory control, which can change over time. Many key parcels are in private hands but become available for purchase from time to time. Although land development has slowed recently, plans are still moving for subdivision of some of these properties and the potential exists for all of them to be developed.

Marin has valuable open lands under threat of development that provide such benefits as:

  • biological diversity
  • habitat protection
  • trail connections
  • scenic or recreational value
  • protection of property values
  • and much more

Open Space Has the Marin Voter’s Stamp of Approval

The original open space measure approved by the voters of Marin which created the Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) foresaw a total of some 28,000 acres of permanent open space in Marin County, of which MCOSD has now protected some 15,500 acres, leaving some 12,500 acres at risk, a figure which does not include areas targeted for preservation by local groups. MCOSD does not have the funding it needs to protect all these remaining threatened acres.

MOST Partners With Others

MCOSD has done a fabulous job acquiring priority open space parcels but it needs help in raising acquisition monies, just as the local groups around Marin also need help in raising money to fulfill their open space plans. Until MOST was formed, Marin lacked a private non-profit land trust to assist and fund the purchase of such key open space MCOSD and smaller groups need assistance to preserve these lands. MOST will coordinate their fundraising efforts with other organizations having similar aims.

MOST has a Unique and Crucial Role

MOST can raise funds that would not otherwise be available to civic or governmental groups and in that way leverage public monies to stretch the acquisition efforts of both MCOSD and other local governments. MOST can appeal to private donors and will also be building a network of local groups and residents who care about conserving these critical open space areas in Marin.

There are critical gaps in the open space framework that should be closed through the purchase of additional lands to provide key linkages to existing preserves. Closing these gaps will ensure the best possible protection for our watersheds, wildlife habitats and view corridors. MOST is the organization that will ensure these gaps are closed!