MOST Arts–Landscape Art of Marin Open Space

Celebrating Marin’s Unique Natural Beauty

MOST Arts, a feature from Marin Open Space Trust, highlights landscape art of Marin’s open space; celebrating the natural beauty of Marin. By focusing on the art and artists that capture it, we hope to elevate public awareness to the value of preservation.

Working with paint and other visual mediums, an artist can create a scene on canvas that transmits the spirit and beauty of a place like no personal photo can. We all enjoy seeing Marin’s beautiful open space whether from a distance or up-close hiking one of our many trails. It’s hard to keep these images in our mind’s eye and even more importantly, the feelings we experience. When we gaze on an artist’s piece celebrating Marin’s beauty, we often respond with the same wonder and awe the artist felt while working or that we feel during our own explorations of our local environ and the natural world. Marin Open Space Trust hopes you will enjoy our feature on the artists and the art they create. Join us in celebrating and preserving our beautiful open space.


Fog Lift

View More Work by our Featured Artist: Laura Culver

This work: Fog Lift, Laura Culver, 11×14″ plein air oil painting on panel