Marin Areas At Risk of Development

Map of Marin Areas At-Risk of Development

Map of Marin with Areas At-Risk of Development Called Out

Download the Map

Download this free map of Marin areas at-risk of development. It shows locations threatened by development in Marin. The circles highlight major areas where the potential development of private properties threatens Marin’s greenbelts. These are potential land conservation areas. Over 15,000 key hilltop and lowland acres in the eastern urbanized corridor and certain unique lands in west Marin County remain at risk from development pressures and other negative changes which threaten our hard-earned quality of life. Many of these lands we take for granted as being already protected. They create key gaps in completing our vital trail, wildlife, and scenic backdrop corridors.

Marin Open Space Trust (MOST) a private nonprofit 501(c)3 land trust was formed to lead a new drive to fund and protect those remaining lands forever. We work independently but cooperatively with the Marin County Parks Department and the Open Space District as well as other local open space organizations to support this crucial acquisition and fundraising effort. Join us in conserving these crucial green spaces. There are many ways to give!

Download the PDF version of this map of Marin areas at-risk of development for printing.

Map of Land Conservation Areas from the 2008 Marin County Parks and Open Space Strategic Plan