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Protecting Our Local Treasures

The unprotected properties, mostly in the county’s eastern urbanized corridor, are important for close-to-home recreational opportunities, scenic viewsheds, watershed protection, and wildlife corridors.

Marin Open Space Trust shares in the top conservation priorities of the nation’s over 1300 land trusts, including preserving natural areas and wildlife habitats, protecting water quality, our wetlands, and also working farms and ranchlands.

Photo Frank Schulenburg, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

MOST Highlights

  • In our first 10 projects MOST has added 271 acres to Marin’s open space
  • We work collaboratively with parks agencies, especially Marin County Parks, and other local land preservation organizations to support their land protection goals
  • We are able to successfully work with community partners and assist them in navigating the many factors that can arise to a successful outcome

What's Ahead

Our relationship with you is vital to what we do and what projects we elect to participate in. Your support for our behind-the-scenes work can help secure more lands for open space that otherwise may fall into development. We are an all-volunteer team that is a part of the local community. Our vision is truly one that we share with you and one we believe is key for a healthy community today and always. 

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Photo David Abercrombie, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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Photo Becky Matsubara, Barn Swallow, Flickr (CC)

Your Help Today is the Promise of Tomorrow

Ways Your Support will Help MOST

  • To mobilize quickly to respond to preservation opportunities and work with landowners
  • Purchasing and receiving donations of land and conservation easements
  • Funds for open space protection
  • Raising community awareness about the importance of protecting critical propertiesW

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