Marin Open Space Trust (MOST) News updates are about current and past open space projects we participate in to protect Marin’s greenbelt. MOST is a local land trust and 503(c) non-profit. Marin Open Space Trust works with local communities to protect and preserve Marin’s beautiful open space for the enjoyment of today’s resident and visitor as well as ensuring it will be there for future generations. This includes efforts stemming from our own initiatives as well as partnerships with like minded community members and organizations throughout Marin. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about new projects.


Vote No On Measure D
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Sausalito's Open Space
Sausalito Highlands Now Part of Open Space Sausalito
  Sausalito’s Open Space Addition For over twenty years there has been a debate in Sausalito over a 2-acre parcel
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Green Wood Open Space
Makin Grade Purchase in San Rafael
San Rafael’s New Open Space Celebrate! The Makin Grade Purchase in San Rafael was made by Marin Open Space Trust,
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MCL and California State Senate
MOST Recognized by the Marin Conservation League
Awarded “The Marin Green Award for Environmental Leadership” The Marin Green Award for Environmental Leadership, which Marin Open Space Trust
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Sky Ranch aerial view before restoration
Campaign to Restore Sky Ranch
The campaign to purchase and to restore Sky Ranch in Marin California to its natural state is a success following
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Sky Ranch as it was February 2015
Thank-you Marin: the Sky Ranch Purchase is Complete
The purchase of Sky Ranch has been completed! This was a big undertaking and countless members of our Marin ‘family’
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Save Sky Ranch
Sky Ranch today *Update: Thanks for your outpouring of support. Watch for details on completing the purchase, restoring the land
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Pacheco Valley Trail Head
Preserving Our Pacheco Valle Meadow
  Dear Pacheco Valle Neighbors,  All of us who live in the Valle cherish the large, open meadow at the
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Fairfax, Upper Ridgeway
SUCCESS! FOSC Purchased Upper Ridgeway
Thank you. Everyone who volunteered time and/or donated money helped to make this drive a success. Fairfax Open Space Committee
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Thank You Marin For Measure A
Measure A required a ⅔ vote to pass and passed with over 74%. Its passage ensures a critical piece is
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