Awarded “The Marin Green Award for Environmental Leadership”

[/one_half][one_half_last]The Marin Green Award for Environmental Leadership, which Marin Open Space Trust received from Marin Conservation League has been given annually since 1981. Each year an individual or organization is selected who has shown outstanding contributions to preserving and protecting the natural assets of Marin County. MOST was recognized as “An innovative and effective land trust spearheading acquisition and preservation of open space lands in Marin County.”

We want to thank the Marin Conservation League for their recognition and look forward to continuing our service to the people of Marin. This honor was also acknowledged by the California State Assembly and State Senate. We are proud of the commitment by residents of this county and the conservation efforts they take on to help insure the quality of life we enjoy now, for generations to come. [/one_half_last]