Pacheco Valle Meadow, Novato

Pacheco Valle Open Space Preserve

MOST successfully completed this preservation project in 2014. The land trust secured an option from Gannett Corporation to buy three highly visible properties near US 101 zoned for light industrial and commercial development. Located in the Pacheco Valle neighborhood, the 16 acres included a meadow bordering Alameda del Prado, a wooded hillside, and a creekside parcel, all adjacent to Pacheco Valle Open Space Preserve. The 600-home neighborhood, organized by the Preserve Pacheco Valle Meadow Committee, agreed to form a community facilities district and vote on a 15-year parcel tax to pay for the $550,000 acquisition. After private fundraising, MOST hired consultants to determine a tax rate, draft ballot language, and issue the bond. The City of Novato authorized the special election, and the tax measure received a 96 percent vote of approval.

Once the funding was secured, MOST transferred its option to the Marin County Open Space District, which took title to the land. The property is now part of the open space preserve and completes the greenbelt around Pacheco Valle; it provides forage and access to the creek for birds, deer, and other wildlife, and also shelters a 3,000 year-old burial ground, one of the oldest in the Bay Area. The well-used 0.3-mile Bill Shlegel Trail traverses the meadow.

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