MOST Recognized by the Marin Conservation League

MCL and California State Senate

Awarded “The Marin Green Award for Environmental Leadership”

[/one_half][one_half_last]The Marin Green Award for Environmental Leadership, which Marin Open Space Trust received from Marin Conservation League has been given annually since 1981. Each year an individual or organization is selected who has shown outstanding contributions to preserving and protecting the natural assets of Marin County. MOST was recognized as “An innovative and effective land trust spearheading acquisition and preservation of open space lands in Marin County.”

We want to thank the Marin Conservation League for their recognition and look forward to continuing our service to the people of Marin. This honor was also acknowledged by the California State Assembly and State Senate. We are proud of the commitment by residents of this county and the conservation efforts they take on to help insure the quality of life we enjoy now, for generations to come. [/one_half_last]

Campaign to Restore Sky Ranch

Sky Ranch aerial view before restoration

The campaign to purchase and to restore Sky Ranch in Marin California to its natural state is a success. Following a broadly supported and successful $1.2 million fundraising effort, MOST has purchased the 16-acre Sky Ranch next to Bald Hill Open Space Preserve in Fairfax and San Anselmo. We are making good progress with a campaign to raise an additional $120,000 to help restore the property – but we are not finished yet! We have $5000.00 left to in order to meet our commitment. We have transferred the property to Marin County Open Space and it can now be permanently protected from development. The funds will assist in returning it to its natural beauty.

The Ranch had many deteriorating and collapsing old buildings and still has significant erosion in the area of the former stables. Dust in summer and sediment runoff in winter into Corte Madera Creek watershed are resulting impacts.

Due to the campaign to restore Sky Ranch, dangerous structures have been removed but extensive restoration is still needed to stabilize the soil, remove invasive species and re-vegetate barren areas. Not only will the work return the land to its natural beauty but it will also make it safe and attractive for recreational day use by everyone in Marin, including equestrians.

We still need to raise $5,000 to completely fund the restoration. Please show your support with a donation now so this work can be finished.

Make a tax deductible donation to Marin Open Space. Together we will continue to preserve Marin’s beauty and open spaces. You can do it online, or you can also donate by sending a check to MOST, P.O. Box 4133, San Rafael, CA 94913.

Make an online donation.Donate to MOST

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Sky Ranch Purchase
Save Sky Ranch

Visualizations after restoration thanks to Marin County Parks.

Save Sky Ranch

Sky Ranch

Sky Ranch today
*Update: Thanks for your outpouring of support. Watch for details on completing the purchase, restoring the land and opening Sky Ranch to the public. Sky Ranch is pivotal to connecting existing open space on the Mt. Tam watershed and Bald Hill area to our community, and preserving it for future generations.

Funding Drive for Sky Ranch Purchase was a great success!

We Reached Our Fundraising Goal

Preserve this 16-acre property for public open space

Residents of Marin County have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to preserve a strikingly beautiful 16-acre property for public open space. This parcel, known as Sky Ranch, is pivotal to connecting existing open space on the Mt. Tam watershed and Bald Hill area to our community, and preserving it for future generations. The property is located in both San Anselmo and Fairfax, and would be readily accessible to hikers, bicyclists and equestrians. Current zoning allows for residential development of the whole property. The only way to ensure access for recreation, protect the ridge top and secure wildlife habitat is to purchase the land for open space.

Good News: We hope to close in February!

Area Map: Select to view full image

Area Map: Select to view full image

Marin Open Space Trust (MOST) has a contract to purchase Sky Ranch for a very limited time before the property goes back on the market. MOST, along with Fairfax and San Anselmo, has carried out a major fundraising campaign to save Sky Ranch for public open space in perpetuity. The purchase price is $1.2 million. Sky Ranch will be a gateway to over 100,000 acres of MMWD, GGNRA and Marin County Open Space and hundreds of miles of public trails stretching all the way to the Golden Gate and Point Reyes.The addition of the Sky Ranch as open space has been a long-anticipated goal, and has been in the Town of San Anselmo’s General Plan since the 1980’s. When the purchase is completed it will expand Marin County Parks adjoining 30-acre Bald Hill Preserve to 46 acres. Long used as a horse ranch, the property would undergo extensive restoration. Wildlife including deer, bobcats, coyotes, rabbits, songbirds and raptors will benefit from protected habitat and our community will gain a parcel with striking views into the Ross Valley, and San Francisco Bay. In addition, the restoration activities would improve water quality in the Corte Madera Creek watershed, which supports steelhead trout, a state and federally listed threatened species.

Standing on the edge of the ridge at Sky Ranch and watching as the sun’s first light spills onto the bay is the perfect start to your day.–Jonathan Braun

Arial View of Sky Ranch

Donate Today!

Make a tax deductible donation to Marin Open Space. Together we will continue to preserve Marin’s beauty and open spaces. You can do it online, or you can also donate by sending a check to MOST, P.O. Box 4133, San Rafael, CA 94913.

Make an online donation.Donate to MOST

For information and updates, please return to MOST’s website at:

Preserving Our Pacheco Valle Meadow

Pacheco Valley Trail Head


Pacheco Valley Trail Head

Dear Pacheco Valle Neighbors,  All of us who live in the Valle cherish the large, open meadow at the entrance to our community. It is a critical component of the Valle’s ecosystem, providing forage and access to the creek for native birds, deer, and other wildlife. It shelters a 3,000 year old Native American burial ground, one of the oldest in the state. It affords us natural beauty, seclusion, and a buffer from the outside world. And yet, our beautiful meadow is the only portion of the open space that encircles the Valle that is not protected.

Preservation in Perpetuity
We are writing to you today because we have a wonderful opportunity to fix this problem and permanently protect the meadow as open space. The owner of the property, the Gannett Corporation (former owner of the Marin IJ), has finally agreed to sell the meadow and two nearby parcels to Pacheco Valle residents for $550,000, about 25% of the commercial list price. As you will see below, we can finally preserve these three parcels – all subject to development – at a reasonable cost to homeowners.

Likely Development If We Fail to Act
At least three developers have sought to build on the meadow, which is presently zoned for light industrial/commercial development. Pacheco Valle residents first organized to purchase the meadow in 2002, but Gannett was not interested. In 2008, residents from the condos, townhomes, and single family homes formed the Preserve Pacheco Valle

Meadow Committee (PPVMC) and have been fighting rearguard actions to protect the meadow from recent attempts to develop the property. Despite the recession and the crash of the real estate market, one commercial developer retained an option to purchase the property for three years, finally relinquishing his claim last year. Earlier this year, another developer was in talks with Gannett to purchase the property, and Gannett has continued to actively market all three parcels. With the real estate market reviving, if we do not make the purchase ourselves, it is just a matter of time before another builder acquires it.

Time to Act: Vote to Save the Meadow
We must face facts. Flat, buildable land in Marin situated right next to the freeway and public transit is at a premium. If we want to keep our meadow free of development, along with the attendant automobile traffic and parking lots, we need to act now, and we need your support.

The PPVMC has partnered with the Marin Open Space Trust (MOST), a non-profit organization, to acquire all three properties from Gannett. Final purchase requires Pacheco Valle voter approval of a Community Facilities District along with a 15 year parcel tax. The special election is tentatively scheduled for April 8, 2014, with 2/3 approval of voters required for passage. (Please note: Owners and renters residing in the Valle are eligible to vote.)

With interest rates at historic lows and the highly discounted sale price to which Gannett has agreed, we will never have a better opportunity to acquire this land. Based on current interest rates, and factoring in the costs associated with creating the district, we estimate the annual tax to be:

Condominiums / Town Homes: $ 6.58 per month
Single Family Homes: $ 20.67 per month
Ocusun (former IJ building): $324.42 per month

Marin County Open Space District 

If the election is successful, we will have insured that the land is preserved in perpetuity as open space. The Marin County Open Space District intends to assume responsibility for the meadow – including annual mowing – at no cost to Pacheco Valle residents.

Preserve Pacheco Valle Meadow Committee

  • Frants Albert
  • Leslee Budge
  • Patrick MacLeamy
  • Judith Strong
  • Albert Margie Goodman
  • Kathy Schlegel
  • Rikki Baum
  • Peter Logan

Pacheco Valle Medow

Thank You Marin For Measure A

Measure A Passed. Thank you!

Measure A required a ⅔ vote to pass and passed with over 74%. Its passage ensures a critical piece is in place for the continuing efforts to maintain and expand our green belts here in Marin. The monies raised by this over the next nine years will go to open-space, parks and farmland. According to KTTVU the measure will raise an estimated $10 million a year and breaks down as:
Sixty-five percent of the revenue will be used to protect or restore natural resources and
maintain county parks and open space preserves
20 percent will go toward protecting farmland and ranches from development and subdivision
15 percent will go to municipalities and special districts to manage their parks, open spaces and recreation programs and reduce wildfire risk.