San Geronimo Commons

MOST-TPL Statement, May 25, 2021: Conservation Easement Grant Awards

Marin Open Space Trust and The Trust for Public Land are excited to announce an important milestone in ensuring the permanent protection of The Trust for Public Land’s San Geronimo Commons property in West Marin County, California.  The two organizations are partnering to place a conservation easement over 135 acres of former golf course lands along San Geronimo and Larsen Creeks, opening the way for future floodplain and wildlife habitat restoration and to support the community’s desire to enjoy open space and educational access to the property’s meadows, trails, and woodland areas.  The conservation easement does not include the 22 acres of land around the former clubhouse building and community garden.

The Marin Open Space Trust is committed to protecting Marin County’s remaining open space lands which have significant habitat, aesthetic, and linkage values for the benefit of current and future residents.  The Trust for Public Land works with local partners across the country to create parks and protect land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. Using over $3 million in grant funding from the California Wildlife Conservation Board and California Natural Resources Agency, Marin Open Space Trust will acquire a conservation easement over the San Geronimo property’s meadows and two streams. The easement will retire the potential for development on the property and prevent water from being diverted for irrigation, returning it to the streams.

,Permanent protection of the land has emerged as a central goal of The Trust for Public Land’s community-based vision for the property, completed through an expansive community engagement process in 2020.  A conservation easement is one of the most durable ways to achieve this goal. The conservation easement will help meet many community objectives: protect and ultimately enhance irreplaceable Coho salmon and steelhead trout spawning and rearing habitat, and valuable habitat for many other species of wildlife; conserve water resources; promote climate resilience, ensure publicly accessible natural open space; provide connections to surrounding open space areas and trails; and protect the rural character of the San Geronimo Valley for all Marin County residents and guests to enjoy.

Funding for this conservation easement comes from Propositions 1 and 68, statewide measures that voters passed in 2014 and 2018, respectively, to benefit California’s natural environment.  MOST and The Trust for Public Land are grateful for the State’s investment in Marin County.

The Trust for Public Land will continue to own and manage the property until a long-term conservation owner and steward is found.  Marin Open Space Trust will hold and monitor the conservation easement over the Meadow parcels.  If you have any questions about this exciting development, please contact The Trust for Public Land at

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