Sky Ranch as it was February 2015

The purchase of Sky Ranch has been completed! This was a big undertaking and countless members of our Marin ‘family’ have touched this project, helping to insure it’s success.

This is just the first leg of the journey and while there is more to be done, we want to pause and celebrate the many people who committed financially and/or with their time.

While everyone who assisted was an important part of this effort, special recognition and thanks is extended to Supervisor Katie Rice for her vital support. To our community groups; this would not have ever been anything more than wishful thinking without your time and/or financial support. Thank you:

  • Town of Fairfax
  • Town of San Anselmo
  • Marin Municipal Water District
  • San Anselmo Open Space Committee
  • MOST
  • California Wildlife Foundation
  • Tamalpais Conservation Club

To the 175 individual donors; we extend our sincere gratitude and joy in your commitment to Marin’s future. And last, but not least, our thanks goes to our passionate advocates; your voice helped keep the project on tract in your communities.

This addition to Marin’s green belt will not only enhance our community but it’s restoration will bring a delicate eco system back into balance, insuring that ‘wild country’ will be available for future generations to enjoy and benefit from. To this end, we will be working to bring this habitat back to it’s natural state. (Until that work has been completed the property will remain closed.)  Check back or sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date on our progress.

Please help us to reinvigorate this beautiful addition to Marin’s open space with a donation. All donations are welcomed, helpful and tax deductible. Together we will continue to preserve Marin’s beauty and open spaces. You can donate online, or by sending a check to MOST, P.O. Box 4133, San Rafael, California 94913.

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Slideshow photos: Georgia Gibbs

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