Learn About Marin Open Space Trust (MOST)

View from Sky Ranch Ridge 2015

View from Sky Ranch Ridge as it appears in 2015

Marin Open Space Trust, or MOST, is a non-profit public benefits corporation, raising private funds for preserving Marin open space. We have been granted 501(c)(3) status. Our EIN is 26-2460667.

Tax Benefits for Marin Open Space Donors

MOST is a land trust. There are potential tax advantages to making donations to a qualified land trust. MOST also has the ability to apply for foundation and other grant monies. MOST can also accept land and conservation easement donations which can also provide tax benefits to the donors.

Marin Open Space Works with Local Organizations and Community Groups

MOST will work with other organizations and community groups to raise funds for the preservation of open space and threatened habitats. MOST will seek to leverage private and public funds for the most benefit possible.

Why We Remain Committed: How Preserving our Greenbelt Helps

Change in Marin County is inevitable, but we are willing to work as hard as we can to preserve those rare and valuable properties that have significant value in terms of:

  • Biodiversity
  • Recreational
  • Access to other existing open space
  • Linkage for wildlife and trail purposes
  • Scenic value
  • Riparian and littoral corridors and wetlands
  • Significant plant or animal habitats

Want more information? View our Land Trusts FAQs.